About Us

  • Overview

    Latifa School for Girls was established in 1982 by H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, former Ruler of Dubai, under the aegis of the Government of Dubai. From its inception, a key goal of the school has been to incorporate the best of British educational practice within a curriculum that promotes UAE values and traditions, alongside global awareness. To this end a British curriculum, modified to suit the cultural context and individual needs of students, is blended with Arabic and Islamic Studies, in line with UAE Ministry curriculum. Students sit GCSE, AS and A level examinations, as well as Ministry-accepted Arabic and Islamic studies examinations. All students leave Latifa School bilingual. The Headmistress and most of the staff are British, with an Arabic and Islamic Studies Department staffed by well-qualified Arab nationals.

    The School has an established reputation in the community for personalising learning to students' needs. Every teacher is expected to:

     Encourage high standards in all aspects of school life;
     Provide optimum learning conditions for all students;
     Support and motivate students, teachers and other school employees;
     Promote a school culture which is collegiate, happy, purposeful and productive;
     Pursue their own professional development and contribute to the development of the school;
     Engage in learning-centred consultation and dialogue, both within and beyond the school.

    Latifa School recognises the equitable access and rights to education for the People of Determination and is committed to make appropriate support provisions in line with the UAE Federal Law No. 29 (2006), Dubai Law No. 2 (2014) and the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2017. We foster a culture of inclusion and aim to increase awareness with all our stakeholders. Mr. Abdalla Al Maazmi is the Inclusion Governor and Mrs. Neha Sharma is the Inclusion Champion for Latifa School.

  • Our Vision

    At Latifa School, we believe the quality of teaching and learning and the level of individual care and attention which each student receives are equally important; both are given a high priority. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and students as outlined in our Home-School Agreement. The School's vision supports these aims:

    LSG Vision Statement

    Latifa School empowers UAE women of the future, to:

    Know themselves - Discover their individual abilities and passions
    Develop themselves - Learn skills, knowledge, understanding and character strengths
    Fulfil themselves - Contribute to their school, family, UAE and wider world

  • Organisational Structure

    The School’s organisational structure incorporates the Leadership Team (LT), Heads of Department and Heads of Year in the secondary school, and Phase Leaders and Subject Coordinators in the primary school. The LT consists of the Headmistress, Deputy Headmistress, Senior Teacher, Head of Primary and Assistant Head of Primary.  The Heads of Inclusion at secondary and primary are line managed by the Headmistress and the Head of Primary, respectively.

    Whilst Heads of Department and Subject Coordinators are primarily concerned with academic matters, and Heads of Year and Phase Leaders with pastoral, there is clearly an overlap between the two; all staff are expected to work together in the best interests of the students. The school also has two school nurses, a careers officer and two examination officers to provide further support and guidance to students.

    Specialised administrative, medical, media resources, IT network, library, catering and maintenance personnel at both sites support the work of the teaching staff.

  • Departments

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  • Our Students

    Latifa is a through-school for girls between the ages of 3½ and 18, occupying two adjacent sites. Almost all students are UAE nationals and the intake is 2-form and mixed ability. The intake is largely static with most students joining the school in Foundation School and continuing through to Year 12 or 13. In line with local government schools, most students leave Latifa at the end of Year 12 and go on to a 4-year American-style University course, primarily in the UAE, but also in the USA. A small number of students each year stay on to complete A Levels in Year 13, followed by university study in UK, USA, Canada or Australia. Whilst the School places students in top UK and USA universities, it also educates those with learning difficulties and is committed to providing a first-class education to all its students, whatever their abilities. Additional support is provided where needed and an alternative curriculum is offered where this is in the student’s best interests.