Pastoral System

  • Overview

    The school has a strong commitment to personalising learning, care and guidance for all students. All staff are attached to year groups and are actively involved in the pastoral care of students.

  • Secondary

    Each year group is divided into small tutor groups, with the Form Tutor as the primary pastoral carer. The work of Form Tutors is supported by additional attached staff, who act as mentors for students, and a Head of Year. A personal and social education programme runs throughout the school. This supports students’ general well-being and the development of life and study skills required to fulfill their potential, as well as addressing current issues of concern to young people in the contexts of both the School and society as a whole. The programme contributes to Latifa's objective of creating a warm, caring and tolerant community, within which students can develop personally, whilst at the same time learning respect for others and sensitivity to circumstances that differ from their own.

    School rules are sensible; every student is expected to obey them and both students and parents sign a copy of the rules each year. Above all, we believe our students should develop a strong sense of personal discipline which will allow them to behave in a manner consistent with and supportive of the school ethos and their culture. Latifa School is a close-knit community which expects all of its members to behave with consideration and thoughtfulness towards others.

  • Primary

    We believe in every person's right to be treated with respect and consideration and we encourage our students to be thoughtful in their dealings with others.

    It is every teacher's aim to ensure that all children reach their full potential. Children will make optimum progress in a positive learning environment, which values all children as individuals and where success is celebrated. Children need to develop an appreciation, understanding and respect for the rights, needs and feelings of others. They need to learn respect and appreciate their environment and above all learn to manage their own behaviour.

    Through a programme of positive strategies, using the Golden Rules, we reward positive attitudes and behaviour and teach students to work hard, be polite and considerate, and take responsibility for their own actions.