Extra-curricular Activities at Latifa School

  • Overview

    Whilst our cultural context limits participation in mixed inter-school activities, extra-curricular activities are nonetheless an important part of the fabric of the school.

  • Secondary

    A variety of lunchtime and after-school clubs are offered, both on and off-site, covering musical, sporting, academic and more general interests. These include inter-school tournaments and fixtures in an all-female environment. Carefully selected educational school trips are regularly conducted to develop the learning curriculum for both academic and pastoral purposes. A student council gives students a voice on matters of concern to them and a forum for positive action and community involvement, as well as providing opportunities for leadership development. An active house system provides further leadership opportunities and more activities between the houses.

  • Primary

    Activities within the curriculum encourage life long learning skills including social skill development. Students are taught to respect one another and to always strive to do their best. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills by taking on roles as monitors and prefects where they are assigned specific tasks from Years 3 – 6. A student council, with pupil representatives from Year 2 to Year 6 , meets regularly to initiate positive change for the school community. A wide range of after school clubs, with very high uptake, offers something to engage and develop all students beyond the classroom.