• Assessment and Reporting

    Great emphasis is placed, throughout the School, on regular formative assessment and tracking of progress. Students in all subjects are encouraged to assess their own progress and set their own personal targets. These assessments and targets are discussed with teachers, and outcomes regularly reviewed. Where students are considered to be under-achieving, steps are taken to provide support, consolidation and remediation to get them back on track. Periodic summative assessments are carried out as and when appropriate within each subject, with end-of-year examinations common across the school. 

    Reports are issued to parents twice per year; one report (the short report) is designed to give a brief overview of the student’s achievement and effort and a more detailed, long report is issued usually at the end of the academic year. Reporting processes are linked to a planned cycle of parents' evenings, which students are also encouraged to attend in the secondary school. These are valuable opportunities to talk to parents about their daughters’ progress.